If you have been charged with a crime in Northern California, who better to represent you than someone with years of prosecuting experience in the same region? The attorneys at Dhillon & Grewal Law know how to get the job done. At Dhillon & Grewal Law, we are dedicated to serving our clients in the best possible way.  With a strong passion for criminal defense, you can count on Dhillon & Grewal  Law to fight for your rights and ensure that you receive a fair and just outcome.  Years of experience working at various district attorneys’ offices have better prepared our attorneys at Dhillon & Grewal Law to defend our clients. Because our team really knows how the prosecuting side thinks and operates, it gives our clients an advantage in pre-trial negotiations.

With Dhillon & Grewal Law, you will have an attorney who is not afraid to go to trial in order to fight for your rights.  Having spent years arguing dozens of trials for the prosecution, this law office knows exactly how to get you the verdict you want.  Most attorneys do not have the trial experience and work in the back ground of cases.  Our attorneys at Dhillon & Grewal Law have spent time in actual courtrooms and can use our trial experience to help you.

The professionals at Dhillon & Grewal Law pride themselves on offering our clients the persistence needed to achieve the best results possible.  Our firm has the experience needed to understand a wide variety of criminal cases at every stage of the case.  We at Dhillon & Grewal Law are confident that you will feel secure in our hands, as our top priority is to help you achieve the most favorable results.  If you have been charged with a crime, do not take a gamble with your life.  You owe it to yourself to get the best help available.  Call Dhillon & Grewal Law today!

Misdemeanor and felony charges that we defend against:

  • DUIs
  • Drug Crimes
  • Theft Crimes
  • Weapons Charges
  • Restraining Order Violations
  • Traffic Tickets
  • Hit and Run Crimes
  • Juvenile Crimes

Criminal Law